The purpose of this plan is to establish minimum safe vehicle operating procedures for all employees.

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Vehicle Operation

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Date: 1/31/2023
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To establish minimum safe vehicle operating procedures for all employees.


This section applies to all employees that operate vehicles during the course of their employment.


This policy and instruction is designed to provide information to all employees who are required or allowed to operate a motor vehicle as part of their job responsibilities. Safe driving is important to _____ as well as the public; both to reduce injuries and death from vehicle accidents and to reduce property damage.


4.1 Requirements of Drivers

  • Only specifically authorized employees who possess a valid license or certification for the equipment being used shall operate an _____ motor vehicle or other equipment.
  • If an employee’s license is suspended or limited and driving is required to fulfill his/her job responsibilities, he/she must notify their Supervisor as soon as possible. Failure to comply with this requirement is cause for disciplinary action.
  • Employees will comply with all aspects of the Commercial Driver’s License requirements, DOT regulations, and driving techniques.
  • Driver’s shall know and obey all state and local motor vehicle laws and applicable state and federal Department of Transportation rules and regulations.

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